Farm irrigation technician manages and implements irrigation projects which includes open field drip design and installation,over head irrigation installation which includes rain gun, middle sprinkler and micro sprinkler installation,design and installation of irrigation mainlines and sub mainlines, expertise in pump sizing and general irrigation plumbing works.

Role of irrigation technician on drip irrigation

Irrigation technician pre-visits the area to check on the possible field conditions which may include: field elevations(gradient), the field dimensions(longest and shortest sides of the farm) ,water quality and quantity, soil type, water source location, water approximate volume and type of crop to be grown. These findings will enable the irrigation technician to efficiently design the drip irrigation equipment such as drip filters, drip main and submain lines and required drip emitters like drip tapes, button drippers, arrow drippers or micro-sprinklers. The plant to be grown commands a lot on water requirement thus this enforces the irrigation technician to choose the best water emitter to avoid plant over watering. to avoid this challenge, irrigation technician decides on most efficient drip emitter spacing and the watering time intervals. This will ensure the soil remains moist thus readily availlable water. Drip irrigation is very essential and has vast advantages which includes:

1. minimization of both nutrient and fertilers

2. high water application efficiency

3. field levelling not necessary

4. irregular fields are accommodated

5. moisture within the root zone can be maintained at field capacity

6. soil erosion is lessened

7. weed growth is lessened

8. water distribution is highly uniform

9. fertigation can easily be incoporated with minimal lost of fertilizers

10. low labour cost ascompared to other types of irrigation

Role of irrigation technician on over head irrigation

Over head irrigation involves application of water to the soil above the plant  stem. Most overhead irrigation involves use of sprinklers or rain guns( sprinklers above one and half inches).

In this type of irrigation, irrigation technician conduct field survey to establish the field gradient. This will enable the irrigation technician to size the proper pump size needed to pump water since overhead irrigation requires higher pressure than drip irrigation which  utilises the gravity.

Depending on plant water requirement, the irrigation technician will scale down the water mainline and submainline pipe sizes, sprinkler sizes ,water valves and water strainers or filters

Areas of  irrigation technician specialisation

We are excellent on irrigating farms,parks,pitches,hotel grounds or golf courses. our teams are experts in trouble shootings and resolving into quick and efficient solutions to water problems like field overwatering,underground leakages and farm water shortages.

We are unmatched expertise in irrigation personel. Our team is more avast equiped with irrigation knowledge and also well trained and  passionate in irrigation sector. We maintain proper communication and build strong relationship with the project owners. Besides all,we do keep clean irrigation records that is very important for all irrigation management and for backtracking the irrigation orders whenever requested